A look into Marketing Research for a Business

A look into Marketing Research for a Business

Understanding the Process

Conducting marketing research on an actual businesses desire can be a scary task if you are not sure where to start. I was recently provided with the opportunity to perform this research through a class of mine at Western Technical College. Understanding the process on how to make certain improvements was a great learning experience as I am always thriving to gain more knowledge of anything related to marketing.  

I chose Dales Clothing to conduct my marketing research on which is located in Downtown La Crosse, WI. The decision was to perform this research was also relied on the approval of my other group members who had no issue in continuing with this business. I first suggested Dales Clothing simply because I was (and currently still am) an employee there! I knew Dale was looking to increase the number of younger males he got in his store before even starting this research project. I basically thought of Dales Clothing immediately when our instructor told us about how we were to conduct marketing research for a business looking to make improvements in certain areas.

I felt as though after conducting this research we provided Dale with many options on improvements he can make for his business to target the younger male segment he was desiring to get into his store. Not only by providing the research report, but by the fact of when handing out our surveys we had the opportunity to allow respondents to receive a 40% off coupon which was a good way to allow individuals to hear and potentially visit his store.

I ultimately enjoyed all the new things I learned over the course of this project. I have learned valuable skills that I can use in my future marketing classes along with my future in a marketing career. A few of these skills I thought were most beneficial in learning are:

  • Acquiring Primary Research
  • Finding and practicing Secondary Research
  • Understanding and Interpreting Data
  • Time-Management Skills
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Leadership Skills

As a result, I feel as though I am more prepared when moving into marketing roles in the future. The hands-on experience of conducting this marketing research through an actual business was such a great way to learn the process. I never realized how much time and work was put into all the statistics and data interpretation. The knowledge I have gained over the course of this marketing research project is a great stepping stone for me to understand all the ins and outs of marketing. In general, it makes going into future marketing positions feel a lot more comfortable.

I personally like to thank Dale Berg for giving us the opportunity to analyze ways to improve his store by specifically focusing on targeting the young male segment. Also, I would like to thank our instructor Shelly Wetzsteon for the guidance and mentoring she provided us with along the way. As a whole, I feel I have gained in-depth knowledge and a great understanding of the process of conducting marketing research. If you haven’t been to Dales Clothing and are in the La Crosse area, I recommend going to check the store out! Not only is the urban store a great place to shop for new clothes, Dale, along with other employees, help to make sure you find the perfect outfit with their fashion expertise. You won’t regret it!

Don’t worry! I have attached a file of the Marketing Research my team and I had conducted for Dales Clothing. It was a lengthy process so I will warn you in advance, it could take you a while to read it all! However, it is a great learning tool to look at if you are interested in learning about marketing research in a business!

Click here to view: Marketing Research – Dales Clothing Final Report

Thank you!


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