How does the Government shutdown affect your retail experience?

How does the Government shutdown affect your retail experience?

What does this matter to you?

With a government shutdown increasing, likely due to disagreement in Congress over the spending bill, many people are bracing themselves for the possible effects.  What might they be?

  • Tax Refund Delays

  • Paychecks being withheld

  • Employees being laid off

  • Businesses suffering sales

  • National Parks Closed

  • Mail Traffic 

This is just to name a few but I think it may be enough to grab most of your attention, it can certainly caught mine. For me, I was worried that because of the shutdown I may not get any financial aid support for the classes I am currently enrolled in this semester! Luckily this wasn’t the case when it came to school funding for students, but that doesn’t mean everyone is safe.


Take a look at how it might fluctuate your retail experience:

To follow along on the article I discussed visit:

I’m here to throw the question to you, have you had adverse effects from the governmental stalemates, and what were they? How do you expect a shutdown to affect yourself or your business, if at all? Post a comment below!

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