Listed are a few classes I was involved in through my education where I enhanced my marketing capabilities. For a complete list of classes completed please visit the requirement pages by following the Western Technical College and Viterbo University icons below. 

Marketing Principles represents the comprehension of the marketing concept and functions. Major concepts include segmentation, marketing mix, buyer behavior, decision support systems, consumer and business-to-business products, multicultural and global aspects, business ethics, and e-business. Marketing careers are explored.

Designed for students to generate and develop marketing information for use in effective decision making. The roles and methodology of conducting primary and secondary research are emphasized. Use of the Internet and survey software are used to conduct actual marketing research for a business.

Students will explore the process of project management and will learn the critical steps to: Identify needs and turn them into a project proposal; Create a project plan (using work breakdown structures, activities definitions and relationships); Create a project schedule (using durations and early/late start and finish dates); Determine activities within the critical path; Create a project budget; Monitor the progress of the project using Gantt charts; Modify the plan as variations develop within the project. They will then take a project of their choice and complete it by applying these steps. Learners will research and participate in leadership, team building and communication activities to allow for successful teamwork in completing the project. Self-evaluations will be used to assess the progress in these areas. 

As the capstone course for Marketing majors, the learner will apply their knowledge to solve a business opportunity or problem by developing marketing objectives and strategies for a local business. Student teams will work with the area business to implement their recommendations in a competitive environment. A marketing plan for the business also will be developed as the framework for achieving stated marketing objectives.

This course examines technical and aesthetic issues in contemporary Web design. Students will learn the principles of design as well as usability, writing for Web, and interface design. Students will also learn the basics of Web analytics and search engine optimization as a tool for collection and measurement of Web data to drive marketing decisions and improvement of the customers’ online experience. This is a hands-on course where students will create functional websites and analyze their effectiveness.

This course covers tools and techniques in media production and development for marketing professionals. Students will produce media deliverables for print, Web, social media, and television deliverables that explore both the aesthetic and technical aspects of media. Attention will be paid to the rhetorical nature of media, advertising, and visual communication.

This course takes an integrated approach to the function of the promotional mix variables in developing marketing plans and strategies by working with an area business to help with its marketing-related needs. Students will study and apply the theories and practices used to promote products, services, and ideas through various mediums emphasizing consistency in the development, implementation, and evaluation of varying marketing communication tools. 

An integrative course stressing the holistic view of organization leadership and management. A study and application of the techniques used to complete strategic audits of industries and companies to assess complex business problems and opportunities and to develop, implement, and control strategies to achieve organizational objectives.

Sample Work

The following documents are projects I have done myself or in collaboration with other students. These examples showcase my learning experiences by developing skills in promotion, advertising, event planning, public relations, customer relationship strategies, sales techniques, and effective business use of social media.

Certain projects were devloped for clients locally in the La Crosse, WI. area while others were case studies created simply for the learning experience.  If you have other questions or concerns regarding any of these projects please dont hesitate to contact me

Marketing Plan

The Cavalier Theater and Lounge

Campaign Analysis

Nike - Colin Kaepernick

Marketing Plan

Fun Fur Pets

Market Research

Dales Clothing


Adobe Website

Adobe Spark Web Page

Sales Proposal

Hammer-mill Paper

Marketing Plan

Shark Tank - Brush Hero

*Please note that certain imagery and context does not belong to me and I was not involved in direct business relation with certain companies. These are examples created inside the classroom and used for demonstration purposes only.*

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Ad

Nixon Watch AD

Arnold Palmer Iced TEa Lemonade Ad

Content Creation Collection


2018 International Qualifier

My partner and I competed in Event Planning where we were challenged with analyzing a real-world case study situation that deals with planning an event and then presenting solutions. Placing inside the top 10 in the entire state of Wisconsin allowed us to qualify for international competition in Washington D.C.

Vice President of Communications

After one year of my involvement with collegiate DECA I decided to challenge myself further by becoming an executive within the chapter. This role was responsible for collaborating with members of the chapter so that I could ensure the delivery of proper content and messaging for the club. 

2019 International Qualifer

Competing in Marketing Communications my partner and I were challenged with analyzing a real-world marketing communications case study situation
including marketing functions and tasks that inform, persuade or remind a target market of ideas, experiences, goods or services and then presenting solutions. Even with a new partner and a new competition field we placed above the top 10 in the entire state of Wisconsin to compete at the international level in Orlando, Florida. 

only one way

Everything covered inside of this portfolio only highlights a few projects I have done. If you are eager to hear more about other projects of mine feel free to contact me now. If you take interest in learning more about my personal background then don’t hesitate to head over to my about me section. 

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