Small Business Social Media Methods – An E-Book View

Small Business Social Media Methods – An E-Book View

Small Business Social Media Methods 

The three platforms discussed in our E-Book are YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. My subject was LinkedIn and I used many resources and tools found on their personal website to pull it together. Below is an attached PDF file to view the E-Book we have created. By viewing this you may discover valuable information to help your small business become successful through understanding particular social media methods. Please keep in mind this is also an example format of what an E-Book could include. 

E-What??.. E-Books!!

E-Book is short for “electronic book” and is in general, a digital publication that can be read on a computer, e-reader, or other electronic devices. These are an extremely useful method for marketers to share expert content (either for free or fee-based).  The popularity and perceived value of eBooks has made them a favorite of online marketers.


“But for marketers an eBook is an opportunity to give detailed insight on an area of expertise, enhance their reputation and most importantly to generate new leads.” (McGrath, Kevin.)


Why are you talking about E-Books?

This E-Book was created by myself and two other classmates in my social media strategies class. This project gave me the chance to adapt my skills in creating content that prospects may have interest in. An E-Book allows you to discuss more on an in-depth subject rather than a blog post or something similar.

This project was a collaborative effort between all of the students in our course (each student was assigned the task of researching, then choosing useful information for the topic assigned to them).  The information was then pulled together collaboratively into chapters.  The chapters were then shared to each of us. 


SO for our E-Book, we will share to you briefly how to use three different social media platforms and how you can use to earn more traffic, generate more leads, and drive more revenue for your small business. To learn more, follow this PDF file: 

 Group Ebook Small Business – Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter



I hope this example created provides anyone that is looking for information about how to use social media platforms for a small business a good general understanding of the topics. 

Looking for other social media platform information outside of YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter? Check out E-Books done by other students involved in the same course as me. Find a topic you are interested in and follow the link direcetly behind it. 

Pintrest –

Facebook, Snapchat, Google+ –

If you find yourself looking for even more information, feel free to check out my other blog posts as they have relative topics related to marketing strategies. As always, never feel shy to leave a comment or send me a personal message. If you have any questions at all I will do my best to answer them. Thank you and take care!  

-Austin Hass



McGrath, Kevin. “What Is a Content Marketing EBook?” Beacon, 18 Apr. 2017,

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  1. I really enjoyed how you explained what an ebook was and how you transitioned into instagram. I feel like there is a lot of useful information there.

  2. The Ebook was done very well and had a lot of useful information in it. You guys where able to put a lot in information on 3 different platforms and condense it down into a manageable size of information. Good Job!

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