Retail. Get them in. Keep them in.

WE ARE GOING TO SHOP UNTIL WE Decide we don’t want to be here..

What attracts? I can get them in, but how do I keep them in??

Its tough in today’s world with the ever increasing use of online sales. While most of us are guilty of it, we don’t want retail stores to go away do we? No way! Especially for those small business owners out there. 

La Crosse business owners, learn how to establish effective strategies to keep customers in your door, and more importantly, spending $$$.

A Little Advice? 

  • First Impression

  • Which way?

  • Slow it down

  • Comfort


First impression will set the mood when customers enter your store, make sure its a good one. 

Which way do you go in a store? Make it easy for them to know. Set them on a path with easy direction. 

Don’t rush them through it though! You want the path to be easy to navigate through, but a speed bump won’t hurt, throw some sale prices at them along the way to get them to slow down and start thinking. 

Make it comfortable, there are many ways you can acquire this for your customers, think, what would you like? 


Need to learn more about these strategies? By clicking the box below it will direct you to more resources on how to effectively use these methods for your retail business. 

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