Display Advertising on the Interweb

Display Advertising on the Interweb

What is Display Advertising?

Display ads used to target potential customers on webpages other than your own to directly make them see what you want them to see. Also known as banner ads, they usually take the form of a rectangular box at the top or side of a webpage to show text, images, or even a video. Using cookies, these ads can determine an individual interest based on their demographics, interests and behavior. This allows advertisers to reach targeted audiences.


  • Visual – you can use eye catching images to get your audience’s attention.
  • Awareness – you can build brand awareness, and awareness of your products and services.  While search advertising reaches an audience with an intention to purchase, display can create an initial interest. Display ads have a high reach and can be seen by a large amount of people.
  • Targeted –  you can locate people with similar interest in your product by learning audience’s demographics and behaviors.


  • Lower click-through rate (CTR) – display ads typically have a lower CTR than search ads.
  • Lower conversions – a lower CTR also means lower sales and registrations. When users see your ad they aren’t actively looking for your products or services, so they may not be ready to buy. Display ads are more suitable for long sales processes than for selling high volumes.
  • Ad blocking – while your impressions may be high, you can’t guarantee that users paid attention to your ad. Ad blocking tools can also stop users seeing your ads.

Attention- Performs well here as the audience that sees display ads are usually right on the top or sides of web pages they are already browsing.  Therefore, placement in your display ad is important as you want to locate it a place where everyone will see it.

Interest- Exceeds the best here because it uses cookies to find similar interest in users browsing other website pages to show their interest on that website. The ad is trying to carve an image into their mind to search for your product later by remembering your website, product or logo. You are potentially trying to encourage them to visit your site and buy your products and services.

Desire- Display ads show the customers of their product to remind them of it and show that its available. If a customer desires your product they may click on the ad to follow to your webpage but they are usually not desired in your product at the first time of viewing.

Action- Relying on banner ads would not be a proficient way for sales. If a customer is already set in the action of purchasing your product they won’t wait for your display ad to pop up. However, they may be reminded of your product through the display ad while visiting a different webpage and seeing your product displayed over a period of time which may eventually bring them to action of a purchase.

How to reach the public?

Display ads are best at reminding audiences of what their business has to offer through the representation of other websites. They use cookies to learn a browsers demographics and behaviors to find out their interest. Then companies will display their ads of products or services to them on webpages they visit often to attract the customer to their website.

Based on the information on each segment for the Kent’s Camera Castle

Which segment do you think this media would effectively reach and why?

This media could use display ads on multiple photography websites or even the products webpages that you offer for sale. Some viewers may look for a professional website that sells cameras for people interested in learning more or making purchases rather than just purchasing it off an online store such as Amazon.

What would be an effective type of message/goal and why?

In your display ad, you could show that your company specials in cameras for its main focus providing the customer with more information on products.

Provide an example of how you might use this media to reach your target market.

If someone is browsing Amazon with a broad search of “good cameras” your display ad might show that your company has proficient help in deciding which camera may suit you as we can provide you with professional help on each of the cameras.

Something that shocked me about display advertising is that they have a lower click rate than search advertising. A search ad is when someone may google search something and have a website ad link pop up as the first result.

A misconception businesses may have is that display ads are a waste of time and money. While display ads aren’t as proficient in creating sales they do provide great awareness to the public of your company through images.

Here are some examples of locations display ads can be found.

Image result for display ad examplesImage result for display ad examples


Image result for display ad examples



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